Sunday, June 10, 2012


I apologize for the long hiatus.  Parker Bros has been keeping me busy trying to get some of these games to market, but for some stupid reason, their lawyers keeps mumbling about product liability.  Those bastards.  Someone should stick a shiv in their backs.

My new game is my most cerebral yet: basically, can you kill someone without even lifting a finger?  Now, for those of you who are successful telekineticists, this should be simple.  However, for the rest of us earthlings, the challenge is, how do we orchestrate events so that the victime kills him-/herself.  Clearly, humiliating someone so badly that they commit suicide has been done enough already, to you would receive ZERO creativity points.  Similarly, connecting a bomb to someone's ignition switch is cliche, and would earn you ZERO creativity points.  Think instead of a scenario like this: tell a frat guy that you'll buy him a case of BUDWEISER if he sneaks into the tiger enclousure and pokes the beast with a stick--make sure he knows that one of his frat brothers will have to post the proof on YouTube to get the beer.

Or tell a hillbilly that you bought a new, hi-tech gun that absolutely cannot fire if it's pointed at the person holding it.

We at TPMFD are always interested in winning gambits, so if you find a particularly successful maneuver, please let us know and if we agree, we'll post your results.  You'll also be entered in the million dollar sweepstakes* for best kill of the summer.  (No purchase necessary, but YouTube confirmation is required.).

*Contest void on planet earth and the Space Station.

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