Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I had been hoping Penn State would receive the death penalty--I mean really, a school that coddles a pervert and gives him emeritus status! 

Imagine my horror when the NCAA chose to merely fine them and take away a few scholarships--and then, it turns out, DEATH PENALTY does not even mean DEATH PENALTY.  Really!

When Texas gives someone the death penalty, they don't come back from the dead in two to four years, they STAY DEAD.

My suggestion is that we finally use one of these damned nuclear warheads that we have spent so much money developing and just NUKE PENN STATE.  Take out the whole school and the fallout will kill off those crazy inbred hillbillies that live in the surrounding areas and worship JoePa.  Honestly, what has central PA done for the planet? What would be missed if we nuked the place?

It's time for a real death penalty in sports, and Penn State has earned the right to be first.

Nuke 'em all.

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  1. Wer'e not hillbillies. We just live in trailers, believe Pennsylvania was part of the Confederacy, and think Obama is a Moslim born in Kenya.
    Get yer facts strait, communist.
    Centre County, PA