Thursday, September 13, 2012


Here folks is the latest game from TPMFD Enterprise: Deathmatch: The Historical Board Game.

Have you ever wondered whether Jane Austen could kill Charlotte Bronte?  Or who would kill whom in a deathmatch between Gandhi and Mother Theresa?  Now is your chance to figure it out.

You and a friend select historical figures and then argue blow by blow why your figure would kill the other first.  NOTE: figures know for their killing prowess, Stalin, Alexander the Great, etc., are not eligible, since that would not require much thinking on your part (if you are certifiably moronic, then you can use these figures). 

Gandhi - Mother Theresa Deathmatch: Gandhi has a staff, advantage Gandhi, Mother Theresa is so tiny and leathery it's hard to do much damage, advantage MT, and so on, until MT beats G to death with a leper's missing arm.  Match to the Mother!

If you run out of ideas, there is always the DeathMatch: Literature Edition; DeathMatch: Favorite Apostles Edition; and DeathMatch: Sesame Street Edition.  Hurry and purchase your copy of the game--now, instead of just getting drunk at parties, you can bring the fun!

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