Friday, March 30, 2012


Now that spring is in the air--although they are predicting an inch of snow tonight,  so it might be a good time to stay in and play this new game--we (meaning I) at the PMFD have created yet another board game!  WOW!  If only Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers would sponsor this site I could retire and spend all my free time killing morons. 

But back to the game: Who Would Kill You?  Personally, I am not so egotistical as to assume that many people even know who I am, much less know me well enough to want to kill me, although I bet those people who get stuck behind me at the grocery store check out line probably would stick a shiv in my liver (especially when I make the under-brained bagger go back and check the shelf price and then demand that I get the item for free when I have been proven right...).  But grocery store lines shouldn't count, neither do people whom you cut off on the freeway.

No, to achieve points in this game, you need famous or important people who want you dead. Family members who are itchin' to take you out.  Ministers, priests, pacificists.  The more people who want you dead, the more points you score.  The more extreme the hatred, the better.  And if you can get someone playing the game to try to kill you, better yet. 

And, for those who like Ultimate Sports, there is the Who Would Kill You? Ultimatum Edition: If you are killed during the game, YOU WIN!

So, figure out who wants you dead, and play play play.

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