Saturday, March 24, 2012


Recent events suggest that folks in Florida have become confused concerning the rules for Whom Would You Kill?

Killing young, black, unarmed males does not mean automatic victory unless you are playing Whom Would You Kill? The Klan Edition.

Florida has such a diversity of population that winning involves killing one of each group: one African American (5 points), one white Hillbilly (10 points), one white Retiree (10 points), one Jewish American (10 points), one Cuban American (5 points), one Seminole (5 points), one Spring Break college student (20 points), one Disney tourist family (30 points) , one South Beach type (35 points), one person with a fake tan (50 points), one person with too much bling (100 points), one billionaire (1,000,000 points), one homeless American (1 point), etc.

So, for all you Floridians who have already killed your one African American, congratulations, you've earned 5 points, now go out and kill some rich white Americans and others to increase your score.

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